The ChumBumz company and private outdoor adventure community is owned and operated by military veterans and promotes conservative American values. We are developing a new way of leveraging technology to enhance our digital friendships and outdoor passions while maintaining your privacy and control over the content you want to see. There are no paid advertisements on our social media platform, we never own or sell your data, and you can create your own private groups within the secured platform as well. This allows us to create a custom experience for you or your organization by providing a change of pace compared to what other social media platforms offer today. ChumBumz is an outdoor adventure community where you can shop discounted products in the members only outdoor outlet store, book an adventure with one of our many outdoor adventure partners all from your ChumBumz app. We welcome you to join us as we build this outdoor adventure community together! A community where your privacy and the American way of life matters. We look forward to serving you!

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